Fresh Fruit & Veg


This is an example of the contents in one of our family boxes, ideal for large, families. The exact products will vary on each order. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to include any meat or if you have any dietary requirements.

1x Bunch Bananas, 4x Oranges, 6x Apples, 2x Lemons, 2x Limes
2x Avocadoes
1kg Potatoes, 500g Carrots, 1x Cauliflower, 1x Broccoli, 4x Onions
3x Garlic Bulb
2x Courgettes
1x Bag Salad Leaves
1x Cucumber
1x Celery
400g Vine Tomatoes
2x Butter, 1x Crème Fraiche, 1x Natural Yoghurt, 4litres Semi Skimmed Milk 200g Soft Cheese, 200g Goat’s Cheese, 200g Blue Cheese, 1x Mozzarella, 200g Haystacks Cheddar, 1x Tub Houmous , 12x Free-Range Eggs
2x Tins of Tomatoes
1x Tomato Puree, 1x Coconut Milk
1x Pasta
1x Plain Flour, 1x Strong Bread Flour, 1x Jumbo Oats, 1x Red Lentils, 1x Risotto Rice, 1x Rice
1x Jam/Preserve 1x Marmalade, 1x Kent Honey
1x Large Crisps
1x Bar Milk Chocolate, 2x Packs Biscuits, 1x Tea, 1x Coffee,
1x Simply Fruit Cake , 1x White Loaf, 1x Sourdough Loaf
12x Sausages, 12x Home Cured Bacon, 1kg Beef Mince, 4 Pork Chops,
4x Chicken Breasts